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Merge branch 'jt/fetch-pack-error-reporting'
"git fetch-pack" was not prepared to accept ERR packet that the upload-pack can send with a human-readable error message. It showed the packet contents with ERR prefix, so there was no data loss, but it was redundant to say "ERR" in an error message. * jt/fetch-pack-error-reporting: fetch-pack: show clearer error message upon ERR
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@@ -351,14 +351,19 @@ ACK after 'done' if there is at least one common base and multi_ack or
multi_ack_detailed is enabled. The server always sends NAK after 'done'
if there is no common base found.
+Instead of 'ACK' or 'NAK', the server may send an error message (for
+example, if it does not recognize an object in a 'want' line received
+from the client).
Then the server will start sending its packfile data.
- server-response = *ack_multi ack / nak
+ server-response = *ack_multi ack / nak / error-line
ack_multi = PKT-LINE("ACK" SP obj-id ack_status)
ack_status = "continue" / "common" / "ready"
ack = PKT-LINE("ACK" SP obj-id)
nak = PKT-LINE("NAK")
+ error-line = PKT-LINE("ERR" SP explanation-text)
A simple clone may look like this (with no 'have' lines):