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Merge branch 'sb/submodule-short-status'
The output from "git status --short" has been extended to show various kinds of dirtyness in submodules differently; instead of to "M" for modified, 'm' and '?' can be shown to signal changes only to the working tree of the submodule but not the commit that is checked out. * sb/submodule-short-status: submodule.c: correctly handle nested submodules in is_submodule_modified short status: improve reporting for submodule changes submodule.c: stricter checking for submodules in is_submodule_modified submodule.c: port is_submodule_modified to use porcelain 2 submodule.c: convert is_submodule_modified to use strbuf_getwholeline submodule.c: factor out early loop termination in is_submodule_modified submodule.c: use argv_array in is_submodule_modified
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