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Merge branch 'rs/daemon-plug-child-leak' into maint
"git daemon" uses "run_command()" without "finish_command()", so it needs to release resources itself, which it forgot to do. * rs/daemon-plug-child-leak: daemon: plug memory leak run-command: factor out child_process_clear()
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@@ -46,6 +46,13 @@ Functions
The argument dir corresponds the member .dir. The argument env
corresponds to the member .env.
+ Release the memory associated with the struct child_process.
+ Most users of the run-command API don't need to call this
+ function explicitly because `start_command` invokes it on
+ failure and `finish_command` calls it automatically already.
The functions above do the following:
. If a system call failed, errno is set and -1 is returned. A diagnostic