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+sub-process API
+The sub-process API makes it possible to run background sub-processes
+for the entire lifetime of a Git invocation. If Git needs to communicate
+with an external process multiple times, then this can reduces the process
+invocation overhead. Git and the sub-process communicate through stdin and
+The sub-processes are kept in a hashmap by command name and looked up
+via the subprocess_find_entry function. If an existing instance can not
+be found then a new process should be created and started. When the
+parent git command terminates, all sub-processes are also terminated.
+This API is based on the run-command API.
+Data structures
+* `struct subprocess_entry`
+The sub-process structure. Members should not be accessed directly.
+'int(*subprocess_start_fn)(struct subprocess_entry *entry)'::
+ User-supplied function to initialize the sub-process. This is
+ typically used to negotiate the interface version and capabilities.
+ Function to test two subprocess hashmap entries for equality.
+ Start a subprocess and add it to the subprocess hashmap.
+ Kill a subprocess and remove it from the subprocess hashmap.
+ Find a subprocess in the subprocess hashmap.
+ Get the underlying `struct child_process` from a subprocess.
+ Helper function to read packets looking for the last "status=<foo>"
+ key/value pair.