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Merge branch 'jk/check-repository-format'
The repository set-up sequence has been streamlined (the biggest change is that there is no longer git_config_early()), so that we do not attempt to look into refs/* when we know we do not have a Git repository. * jk/check-repository-format: verify_repository_format: mark messages for translation setup: drop repository_format_version global setup: unify repository version callbacks init: use setup.c's repo version verification setup: refactor repo format reading and verification config: drop git_config_early check_repository_format_gently: stop using git_config_early lazily load core.sharedrepository wrap shared_repository global in get/set accessors setup: document check_repository_format()
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@@ -63,13 +63,6 @@ parse for configuration, rather than looking in the usual files. Regular
Specify whether include directives should be followed in parsed files.
Regular `git_config` defaults to `1`.
-There is a special version of `git_config` called `git_config_early`.
-This version takes an additional parameter to specify the repository
-config, instead of having it looked up via `git_path`. This is useful
-early in a Git program before the repository has been found. Unless
-you're working with early setup code, you probably don't want to use
Reading Specific Files