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Merge branch 'jk/credential-quit'
Credential helpers are asked in turn until one of them give positive response, which is cumbersome to turn off when you need to run Git in an automated setting. The credential helper interface learned to allow a helper to say "stop, don't ask other helpers." Also GIT_TERMINAL_PROMPT environment can be set to false to disable our built-in prompt mechanism for passwords. * jk/credential-quit: prompt: respect GIT_TERMINAL_PROMPT to disable terminal prompts credential: let helpers tell us to quit
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@@ -248,7 +248,10 @@ FORMAT` in linkgit:git-credential[7] for a detailed specification).
For a `get` operation, the helper should produce a list of attributes
on stdout in the same format. A helper is free to produce a subset, or
even no values at all if it has nothing useful to provide. Any provided
-attributes will overwrite those already known about by Git.
+attributes will overwrite those already known about by Git. If a helper
+outputs a `quit` attribute with a value of `true` or `1`, no further
+helpers will be consulted, nor will the user be prompted (if no
+credential has been provided, the operation will then fail).
For a `store` or `erase` operation, the helper's output is ignored.
If it fails to perform the requested operation, it may complain to