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Merge branch 'ma/pager-per-subcommand-action'
The "tag.pager" configuration variable was useless for those who actually create tag objects, as it interfered with the use of an editor. A new mechanism has been introduced for commands to enable pager depending on what operation is being carried out to fix this, and then "git tag -l" is made to run pager by default. * ma/pager-per-subcommand-action: git.c: ignore pager.* when launching builtin as dashed external tag: change default of `pager.tag` to "on" tag: respect `pager.tag` in list-mode only t7006: add tests for how git tag paginates git.c: provide setup_auto_pager() git.c: let builtins opt for handling `` themselves builtin.h: take over documentation from api-builtin.txt
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-builtin API
-Adding a new built-in
-There are 4 things to do to add a built-in command implementation to
-. Define the implementation of the built-in command `foo` with
- signature:
- int cmd_foo(int argc, const char **argv, const char *prefix);
-. Add the external declaration for the function to `builtin.h`.
-. Add the command to the `commands[]` table defined in `git.c`.
- The entry should look like:
- { "foo", cmd_foo, <options> },
-where options is the bitwise-or of:
- If there is not a Git directory to work on, abort. If there
- is a work tree, chdir to the top of it if the command was
- invoked in a subdirectory. If there is no work tree, no
- chdir() is done.
- If there is a Git directory, chdir as per RUN_SETUP, otherwise,
- don't chdir anywhere.
- If the standard output is connected to a tty, spawn a pager and
- feed our output to it.
- Make sure there is a work tree, i.e. the command cannot act
- on bare repositories.
- This only makes sense when `RUN_SETUP` is also set.
-. Add `builtin/foo.o` to `BUILTIN_OBJS` in `Makefile`.
-Additionally, if `foo` is a new command, there are 3 more things to do:
-. Add tests to `t/` directory.
-. Write documentation in `Documentation/git-foo.txt`.
-. Add an entry for `git-foo` to `command-list.txt`.
-. Add an entry for `/git-foo` to `.gitignore`.
-How a built-in is called
-The implementation `cmd_foo()` takes three parameters, `argc`, `argv,
-and `prefix`. The first two are similar to what `main()` of a
-standalone command would be called with.
-When `RUN_SETUP` is specified in the `commands[]` table, and when you
-were started from a subdirectory of the work tree, `cmd_foo()` is called
-after chdir(2) to the top of the work tree, and `prefix` gets the path
-to the subdirectory the command started from. This allows you to
-convert a user-supplied pathname (typically relative to that directory)
-to a pathname relative to the top of the work tree.
-The return value from `cmd_foo()` becomes the exit status of the