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the graph file.
These positional references are stored as unsigned 32-bit integers
-corresponding to the array position within the list of commit OIDs. We
-use the most-significant bit for special purposes, so we can store at most
-(1 << 31) - 1 (around 2 billion) commits.
+corresponding to the array position within the list of commit OIDs. Due
+to some special constants we use to track parents, we can store at most
+(1 << 30) + (1 << 29) + (1 << 28) - 1 (around 1.8 billion) commits.
== Commit graph files have the following format:
@@ -70,10 +70,10 @@ CHUNK DATA:
OID Lookup (ID: {'O', 'I', 'D', 'L'}) (N * H bytes)
The OIDs for all commits in the graph, sorted in ascending order.
- Commit Data (ID: {'C', 'G', 'E', 'T' }) (N * (H + 16) bytes)
+ Commit Data (ID: {'C', 'D', 'A', 'T' }) (N * (H + 16) bytes)
* The first H bytes are for the OID of the root tree.
* The next 8 bytes are for the positions of the first two parents
- of the ith commit. Stores value 0xffffffff if no parent in that
+ of the ith commit. Stores value 0x7000000 if no parent in that
position. If there are more than two parents, the second value
has its most-significant bit on and the other bits store an array
position into the Large Edge List chunk.