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Documentation: AsciiDoc spells em-dash as double-dashes, not triple
Again, we do not usually process release notes with AsciiDoc, but it is better to be consistent. This incidentally reveals breakages left by an ancient 5e00439f (Documentation: build html for all files in technical and howto, 2012-10-23). The index-format documentation was originally written to be read as straight text without formatting and when the commit forced everything in Documentation/ to go through AsciiDoc, it did not do any adjustment--hence the double-dashes will be seen in the resulting text that is rendered as preformatted fixed-width without converted into em-dashes. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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The entries are written out in the top-down, depth-first order. The
first entry represents the root level of the repository, followed by the
- first subtree---let's call this A---of the root level (with its name
+ first subtree--let's call this A--of the root level (with its name
relative to the root level), followed by the first subtree of A (with
its name relative to A), ...