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Merge branch 'bw/attr'
The gitattributes machinery is being taught to work better in a multi-threaded environment. * bw/attr: (27 commits) attr: reformat git_attr_set_direction() function attr: push the bare repo check into read_attr() attr: store attribute stack in attr_check structure attr: tighten const correctness with git_attr and match_attr attr: remove maybe-real, maybe-macro from git_attr attr: eliminate global check_all_attr array attr: use hashmap for attribute dictionary attr: change validity check for attribute names to use positive logic attr: pass struct attr_check to collect_some_attrs attr: retire git_check_attrs() API attr: convert git_check_attrs() callers to use the new API attr: convert git_all_attrs() to use "struct attr_check" attr: (re)introduce git_check_attr() and struct attr_check attr: rename function and struct related to checking attributes attr.c: outline the future plans by heavily commenting Documentation: fix a typo attr.c: add push_stack() helper attr: support quoting pathname patterns in C style attr.c: plug small leak in parse_attr_line() attr.c: tighten constness around "git_attr" structure ...
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