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config: provide a version of git_config with more options
Callers may want to provide a specific version of a file in which to look for config. Right now this can be done by setting the magic global config_exclusive_filename variable. By providing a version of git_config that takes a filename, we can take a step towards making this magic global go away. Furthermore, by providing a more "advanced" interface, we now have a a natural place to add new options for callers like git-config, which care about tweaking the specifics of config lookup, without disturbing the large number of "simple" users (i.e., every other part of git). The astute reader of this patch may notice that the logic for handling config_exclusive_filename was taken out of git_config_early, but added into git_config. This means that git_config_early will no longer respect config_exclusive_filename. That's OK, because the only other caller of git_config_early is check_repository_format_gently, but the only function which sets config_exclusive_filename is cmd_config, which does not call check_repository_format_gently (and if it did, it would have been a bug, anyway, as we would be checking the repository format in the wrong file). Signed-off-by: Jeff King <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -47,6 +47,18 @@ will first feed the user-wide one to the callback, and then the
repo-specific one; by overwriting, the higher-priority repo-specific
value is left at the end).
+The `git_config_with_options` function lets the caller examine config
+while adjusting some of the default behavior of `git_config`. It should
+almost never be used by "regular" git code that is looking up
+configuration variables. It is intended for advanced callers like
+`git-config`, which are intentionally tweaking the normal config-lookup
+process. It takes one extra parameter:
+If this parameter is non-NULL, it specifies the name of a file to
+parse for configuration, rather than looking in the usual files. Regular
+`git_config` defaults to `NULL`.
There is a special version of `git_config` called `git_config_early`.
This version takes an additional parameter to specify the repository
config, instead of having it looked up via `git_path`. This is useful