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-allocation growing API
-Dynamically growing an array using realloc() is error prone and boring.
-Define your array with:
-* a pointer (`item`) that points at the array, initialized to `NULL`
- (although please name the variable based on its contents, not on its
- type);
-* an integer variable (`alloc`) that keeps track of how big the current
- allocation is, initialized to `0`;
-* another integer variable (`nr`) to keep track of how many elements the
- array currently has, initialized to `0`.
-Then before adding `n`th element to the item, call `ALLOC_GROW(item, n,
-alloc)`. This ensures that the array can hold at least `n` elements by
-calling `realloc(3)` and adjusting `alloc` variable.
-sometype *item;
-size_t nr;
-size_t alloc
-for (i = 0; i < nr; i++)
- if (we like item[i] already)
- return;
-/* we did not like any existing one, so add one */
-ALLOC_GROW(item, nr + 1, alloc);
-item[nr++] = value you like;
-You are responsible for updating the `nr` variable.
-If you need to specify the number of elements to allocate explicitly
-then use the macro `REALLOC_ARRAY(item, alloc)` instead of `ALLOC_GROW`.