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We liberally use "committish" and "commit-ish" (and "treeish" and "tree-ish"); as these are non-words, let's unify these terms to their dashed form. More importantly, clarify the documentation on object peeling using these terms. * rh/ishes-doc: glossary: fix and clarify the definition of 'ref' revisions.txt: fix and clarify <rev>^{<type>} glossary: more precise definition of tree-ish (a.k.a. treeish) use 'commit-ish' instead of 'committish' use 'tree-ish' instead of 'treeish' glossary: define commit-ish (a.k.a. committish) glossary: mention 'treeish' as an alternative to 'tree-ish'
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'<rev>{caret}\{<type>\}', e.g. 'v0.99.8{caret}\{commit\}'::
A suffix '{caret}' followed by an object type name enclosed in
- brace pair means the object
- could be a tag, and dereference the tag recursively until an
- object of that type is found or the object cannot be
- dereferenced anymore (in which case, barf). '<rev>{caret}0'
+ brace pair means dereference the object at '<rev>' recursively until
+ an object of type '<type>' is found or the object cannot be
+ dereferenced anymore (in which case, barf).
+ For example, if '<rev>' is a commit-ish, '<rev>{caret}\{commit\}'
+ describes the corresponding commit object.
+ Similarly, if '<rev>' is a tree-ish, '<rev>{caret}\{tree\}'
+ describes the corresponding tree object.
+ '<rev>{caret}0'
is a short-hand for '<rev>{caret}\{commit\}'.
'rev{caret}\{object\}' can be used to make sure 'rev' names an