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merge: teach -Xours/-Xtheirs to binary ll-merge driver
The (discouraged) -Xours/-Xtheirs modes of merge are supposed to give a quick and dirty way to come up with a random mixture of cleanly merged parts and punted conflict resolution to take contents from one side in conflicting parts. These options however were only passed down to the low level merge driver for text. Teach the built-in binary merge driver to notice them as well. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -32,13 +32,14 @@ ours;;
This option forces conflicting hunks to be auto-resolved cleanly by
favoring 'our' version. Changes from the other tree that do not
conflict with our side are reflected to the merge result.
+ For a binary file, the entire contents are taken from our side.
This should not be confused with the 'ours' merge strategy, which does not
even look at what the other tree contains at all. It discards everything
the other tree did, declaring 'our' history contains all that happened in it.
- This is opposite of 'ours'.
+ This is the opposite of 'ours'.
With this option, 'merge-recursive' spends a little extra time