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Merge branch 'wk/pull-signoff'
"git pull" has been taught to accept "--[no-]signoff" option and pass it down to "git merge". * wk/pull-signoff: pull: pass --signoff/--no-signoff to "git merge"
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@@ -57,6 +57,16 @@ set to `no` at the beginning of them.
With --no-log do not list one-line descriptions from the
actual commits being merged.
+ Add Signed-off-by line by the committer at the end of the commit
+ log message. The meaning of a signoff depends on the project,
+ but it typically certifies that committer has
+ the rights to submit this work under the same license and
+ agrees to a Developer Certificate of Origin
+ (see for more information).
+With --no-signoff do not add a Signed-off-by line.