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Documentation for "git merge --verify-signatures" has been updated to clarify that the signature of only the commit at the tip is verified. Also the phrasing used for signature and key validity is adjusted to align with that used by OpenPGP. * kf/gpg-sig-verification-doc: Documentation: clarify signature verification
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@@ -89,8 +89,11 @@ option can be used to override --squash.
- Verify that the commits being merged have good and trusted GPG signatures
- and abort the merge in case they do not.
+ Verify that the tip commit of the side branch being merged is
+ signed with a valid key, i.e. a key that has a valid uid: in the
+ default trust model, this means the signing key has been signed by
+ a trusted key. If the tip commit of the side branch is not signed
+ with a valid key, the merge is aborted.