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pull: pass --allow-unrelated-histories to "git merge"
The previous commit said: We could add the same option to "git pull" and have it passed through to underlying "git merge". I do not have a fundamental opposition against such a feature, but this commit does not do so and instead leaves it as low-hanging fruit for others, because such a "two project merge" would be done after fetching the other project into some location in the working tree of an existing project and making sure how well they fit together, it is sufficient to allow a local merge without such an option pass-through from "git pull" to "git merge". Prepare a patch to make it a reality, just in case it is needed. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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+ By default, `git merge` command refuses to merge histories
+ that do not share a common ancestor. This option can be
+ used to override this safety when merging histories of two
+ projects that started their lives independently. As that is
+ a very rare occasion, no configuration variable to enable
+ this by default exists and will not be added.