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howto/maintain: document "### match next" convention in jch/pu branch
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@@ -210,8 +210,8 @@ by doing the following:
The result is a script that lists topics to be merged in order to
rebuild 'pu' as the input to Meta/Reintegrate script. Remove
later topics that should not be in 'jch' yet. Add a line that
- consists of '###' before the name of the first topic in the output
- that should be in 'jch' but not in 'next' yet.
+ consists of '### match next' before the name of the first topic
+ in the output that should be in 'jch' but not in 'next' yet.
- Now we are ready to start merging topics to 'next'. For each
branch whose tip is not merged to 'next', one of three things can
@@ -233,7 +233,8 @@ by doing the following:
$ Meta/ -c1
to rebuild the 'jch' branch from scratch. "-c1" tells the script
- to stop merging at the '###' line you added earlier.
+ to stop merging at the first line that begins with '###'
+ (i.e. the "### match next" line you added earlier).
At this point, build-test the result. It may reveal semantic
conflicts (e.g. a topic renamed a variable, another added a new
@@ -261,8 +262,8 @@ by doing the following:
$ sh Meta/ -u
This removes topics listed in the script that have already been
- merged to 'master'. This unfortunately loses the "###" marker,
- so add it again to the appropriate place.
+ merged to 'master'. This may lose '### match next' marker;
+ add it again to the appropriate place when it happens.
- Rebuild 'pu'.