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Documentation: fix links to tutorials and other new manual pages
With the conversion of HTML documentation to man pages tutorial.html -> gittutorial (7) tutorial-2.html -> gittutorial-2 (7) cvs-migration.html -> gitcvs-migration (7) diffcore.html -> gitdiffcore (7) repository-layout.html -> gitrepository-layout (5) hooks.html -> githooks (5) glossary.html -> gitglossary (7) core-tutorial.html -> gitcore-tutorial (7) and the automatic update of references to these pages, a little debris was left behind. We clear it away. Signed-off-by: Jonathan Nieder <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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-You should work through linkgit:gittutorial[7][A tutorial introduction to
-git] before reading this tutorial.
+You should work through linkgit:gittutorial[7] before reading this tutorial.
The goal of this tutorial is to introduce two fundamental pieces of
git's architecture--the object database and the index file--and to
@@ -390,7 +389,7 @@ in the index file is identical to the one in the working directory.
In addition to being the staging area for new commits, the index file
is also populated from the object database when checking out a
branch, and is used to hold the trees involved in a merge operation.
-See the linkgit:gitcore-tutorial[7][core tutorial] and the relevant man
+See linkgit:gitcore-tutorial[7] and the relevant man
pages for details.
What next?
@@ -399,20 +398,19 @@ What next?
At this point you should know everything necessary to read the man
pages for any of the git commands; one good place to start would be
with the commands mentioned in link:everyday.html[Everyday git]. You
-should be able to find any unknown jargon in the
+should be able to find any unknown jargon in linkgit:gitglossary[7].
The link:user-manual.html[Git User's Manual] provides a more
comprehensive introduction to git.
-The linkgit:gitcvs-migration[7][CVS migration] document explains how to
+linkgit:gitcvs-migration[7] explains how to
import a CVS repository into git, and shows how to use git in a
CVS-like way.
For some interesting examples of git use, see the
-For git developers, the linkgit:gitcore-tutorial[7][Core tutorial] goes
+For git developers, linkgit:gitcore-tutorial[7] goes
into detail on the lower-level git mechanisms involved in, for
example, creating a new commit.