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submodule: reject submodule.update = !command in .gitmodules
Since ac1fbbda2013 (submodule: do not copy unknown update mode from .gitmodules, 2013-12-02), Git has been careful to avoid copying [submodule "foo"] update = !run an arbitrary scary command from .gitmodules to a repository's local config, copying in the setting 'update = none' instead. The gitmodules(5) manpage documents the intention: The !command form is intentionally ignored here for security reasons Unfortunately, starting with v2.20.0-rc0 (which integrated ee69b2a9 (submodule--helper: introduce new update-module-mode helper, 2018-08-13, first released in v2.20.0-rc0)), there are scenarios where we *don't* ignore it: if the config store contains no setting, the submodule-config API falls back to reading .gitmodules and the repository-supplied !command gets run after all. This was part of a general change over time in submodule support to read more directly from .gitmodules, since unlike .git/config it allows a project to change values between branches and over time (while still allowing .git/config to override things). But it was never intended to apply to this kind of dangerous configuration. The behavior change was not advertised in ee69b2a9's commit message and was missed in review. Let's take the opportunity to make the protection more robust, even in Git versions that are technically not affected: instead of quietly converting 'update = !command' to 'update = none', noisily treat it as an error. Allowing the setting but treating it as meaning something else was just confusing; users are better served by seeing the error sooner. Forbidding the construct makes the semantics simpler and means we can check for it in fsck (in a separate patch). As a result, the submodule-config API cannot read this value from .gitmodules under any circumstance, and we can declare with confidence For security reasons, the '!command' form is not accepted here. Reported-by: Joern Schneeweisz <> Signed-off-by: Jonathan Nieder <> Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>
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@@ -44,9 +44,8 @@ submodule.<name>.update::
submodule init` to initialize the configuration variable of
the same name. Allowed values here are 'checkout', 'rebase',
'merge' or 'none'. See description of 'update' command in
- linkgit:git-submodule[1] for their meaning. Note that the
- '!command' form is intentionally ignored here for security
- reasons.
+ linkgit:git-submodule[1] for their meaning. For security
+ reasons, the '!command' form is not accepted here.
A remote branch name for tracking updates in the upstream submodule.