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Merge branch 'jl/submodule-fetch-on-demand'
* jl/submodule-fetch-on-demand: fetch/pull: Describe --recurse-submodule restrictions in the BUGS section submodule update: Don't fetch when the submodule commit is already present fetch/pull: Don't recurse into a submodule when commits are already present Submodules: Add 'on-demand' value for the 'fetchRecurseSubmodule' option config: teach the fetch.recurseSubmodules option the 'on-demand' value fetch/pull: Add the 'on-demand' value to the --recurse-submodules option fetch/pull: recurse into submodules when necessary Conflicts: builtin/fetch.c submodule.c
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@@ -45,12 +45,12 @@ submodule.<name>.update::
the '--merge' or '--rebase' options.
- This option can be used to enable/disable recursive fetching of this
+ This option can be used to control recursive fetching of this
submodule. If this option is also present in the submodules entry in
.git/config of the superproject, the setting there will override the
one found in .gitmodules.
Both settings can be overridden on the command line by using the
- "--[no-]recurse-submodules" option to "git fetch" and "git pull"..
+ "--[no-]recurse-submodules" option to "git fetch" and "git pull".
Defines under what circumstances "git status" and the diff family show