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* qq/maint: clone -q: honor "quiet" option over native transports. attribute documentation: keep EXAMPLE at end builtin-commit.c: Use 'git_config_string' to get 'commit.template' http.c: Use 'git_config_string' to clean up SSL config. diff.c: Use 'git_config_string' to get 'diff.external' convert.c: Use 'git_config_string' to get 'smudge' and 'clean' builtin-log.c: Use 'git_config_string' to get 'format.subjectprefix' and 'format.suffix' Documentation cvs: Clarify when a bare repository is needed Documentation: be precise about which date --pretty uses Conflicts: Documentation/gitattributes.txt
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@@ -143,6 +143,11 @@ work, you must not modify the imported branches; instead, create new
branches for your own changes, and merge in the imported branches as
+If you want a shared repository, you will need to make a bare clone
+of the imported directory, as described above. Then treat the imported
+directory as another development clone for purposes of merging
+incremental imports.
Advanced Shared Repository Management