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Merge branch 'bc/maint-diff-hunk-header-fix' into maint
* bc/maint-diff-hunk-header-fix: t4018-diff-funcname: test syntax of builtin xfuncname patterns diff hunk pattern: fix misconverted "\{" tex macro introducers diff: use extended regexp to find hunk headers diff.*.xfuncname which uses "extended" regex's for hunk header selection diff.c: associate a flag with each pattern and use it for compiling regex diff.c: return pattern entry pointer rather than just the hunk header pattern Conflicts: Documentation/gitattributes.txt
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@@ -288,13 +288,13 @@ for paths.
*.tex diff=tex
-Then, you would define a "diff.tex.funcname" configuration to
+Then, you would define a "diff.tex.xfuncname" configuration to
specify a regular expression that matches a line that you would
want to appear as the hunk header "TEXT", like this:
[diff "tex"]
- funcname = "^\\(\\\\\\(sub\\)*section{.*\\)$"
+ xfuncname = "^(\\\\(sub)*section\\{.*)$"
Note. A single level of backslashes are eaten by the