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gitattributes: -crlf is not binary
The description of crlf attribute incorrectly said that "-crlf" means binary. It is true that for binary files you would want "-crlf", but that is not the same thing. We also have supported attribute macros and via that mechanism a handy "binary" to specify "-crlf -diff" at the same time. It was not documented anywhere as far as I can tell, even though the support was there from the very beginning. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -105,9 +105,8 @@ Set::
- Unsetting the `crlf` attribute on a path is meant to
- mark the path as a "binary" file. The path never goes
- through line endings conversion upon checkin/checkout.
+ Unsetting the `crlf` attribute on a path tells git not to
+ attempt any end-of-line conversion upon checkin or checkout.
@@ -482,6 +481,41 @@ in the file. E.g. the string `$Format:%H$` will be replaced by the
commit hash.
+You do not want any end-of-line conversions applied to, nor textual diffs
+produced for, any binary file you track. You would need to specify e.g.
+*.jpg -crlf -diff
+but that may become cumbersome, when you have many attributes. Using
+attribute macros, you can specify groups of attributes set or unset at
+the same time. The system knows a built-in attribute macro, `binary`:
+*.jpg binary
+which is equivalent to the above. Note that the attribute macros can only
+be "Set" (see the above example that sets "binary" macro as if it were an
+ordinary attribute --- setting it in turn unsets "crlf" and "diff").
+Custom attribute macros can be defined only in the `.gitattributes` file
+at the toplevel (i.e. not in any subdirectory). The built-in attribute
+macro "binary" is equivalent to:
+[attr]binary -diff -crlf