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gitattributes documentation: clarify overriding
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@@ -49,10 +49,12 @@ Set to a value::
No glob pattern matches the path, and nothing says if
- the path has or does not have the attribute.
+ the path has or does not have the attribute, the
+ attribute for the path is said to be Unspecified.
When more than one glob pattern matches the path, a later line
-overrides an earlier line.
+overrides an earlier line. This overriding is done per
When deciding what attributes are assigned to a path, git
consults `$GIT_DIR/info/attributes` file (which has the highest
@@ -215,7 +217,7 @@ String::
merge driver. The built-in 3-way merge driver can be
explicitly specified by asking for "text" driver; the
built-in "take the current branch" driver can be
- requested by "binary".
+ requested with "binary".
Defining a custom merge driver