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* maint: Start cycle add instructions on how to send patches to the mailing list with Gmail Documentation/gitattributes: Add subsection header for each attribute git send-email: avoid leaking directory file descriptors. send-pack: do not send out single-level refs such as refs/stash fix overlapping memcpy in normalize_absolute_path pack-objects: avoid reading uninitalized data correct cache_entry allocation Conflicts: RelNotes
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@@ -213,6 +213,9 @@ with `crlf`, and then `ident` and fed to `filter`.
Generating diff text
The attribute `diff` affects if 'git-diff' generates textual
patch for the path or just says `Binary files differ`. It also
can affect what line is shown on the hunk header `@@ -k,l +n,m @@`
@@ -331,6 +334,9 @@ patterns are available:
Performing a three-way merge
The attribute `merge` affects how three versions of a file is
merged when a file-level merge is necessary during `git merge`,
and other programs such as `git revert` and `git cherry-pick`.