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Change the spelling of "wordregex".
Use "wordRegex" for configuration variable names. Use "word_regex" for C language tokens. Signed-off-by: Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -341,14 +341,14 @@ Customizing word diff
You can customize the rules that `git diff --color-words` uses to
split words in a line, by specifying an appropriate regular expression
-in the "diff.*.wordregex" configuration variable. For example, in TeX
+in the "diff.*.wordRegex" configuration variable. For example, in TeX
a backslash followed by a sequence of letters forms a command, but
several such commands can be run together without intervening
whitespace. To separate them, use a regular expression such as
[diff "tex"]
- wordregex = "\\\\[a-zA-Z]+|[{}]|\\\\.|[^\\{}[:space:]]+"
+ wordRegex = "\\\\[a-zA-Z]+|[{}]|\\\\.|[^\\{}[:space:]]+"
A built-in pattern is provided for all languages listed in the