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* maint: git-svn: change dashed git-commit-tree to git commit-tree Documentation: clarify information about 'ident' attribute bash completion: add doubledash to "git show" Use test-chmtime -v instead of perl in t5000 to get mtime of a file Add --verbose|-v to test-chmtime asciidoc: add minor workaround to add an empty line after code blocks Plug a memleak in builtin-revert Add file delete/create info when we overflow rename_limit Install git-cvsserver in $(bindir) Install git-shell in bindir, too
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-When the attribute `ident` is set to a path, git replaces
-`$Id$` in the blob object with `$Id:`, followed by
+When the attribute `ident` is set for a path, git replaces
+`$Id$` in the blob object with `$Id:`, followed by the
40-character hexadecimal blob object name, followed by a dollar
sign `$` upon checkout. Any byte sequence that begins with
`$Id:` and ends with `$` in the worktree file is replaced