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* jn/merge-renormalize: merge-recursive --renormalize rerere: never renormalize rerere: migrate to parse-options API t4200 (rerere): modernize style ll-merge: let caller decide whether to renormalize ll-merge: make flag easier to populate Documentation/technical: document ll_merge merge-trees: let caller decide whether to renormalize merge-trees: push choice to renormalize away from low level t6038 (merge.renormalize): check that it can be turned off t6038 (merge.renormalize): try checkout -m and cherry-pick t6038 (merge.renormalize): style nitpicks Don't expand CRLFs when normalizing text during merge Try normalizing files to avoid delete/modify conflicts when merging Avoid conflicts when merging branches with mixed normalization Conflicts: builtin/rerere.c t/
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@@ -317,6 +317,17 @@ command is "cat").
smudge = cat
+For best results, `clean` should not alter its output further if it is
+run twice ("clean->clean" should be equivalent to "clean"), and
+multiple `smudge` commands should not alter `clean`'s output
+("smudge->smudge->clean" should be equivalent to "clean"). See the
+section on merging below.
+The "indent" filter is well-behaved in this regard: it will not modify
+input that is already correctly indented. In this case, the lack of a
+smudge filter means that the clean filter _must_ accept its own output
+without modifying it.
Interaction between checkin/checkout attributes
@@ -331,6 +342,29 @@ In the check-out codepath, the blob content is first converted
with `text`, and then `ident` and fed to `filter`.
+Merging branches with differing checkin/checkout attributes
+If you have added attributes to a file that cause the canonical
+repository format for that file to change, such as adding a
+clean/smudge filter or text/eol/ident attributes, merging anything
+where the attribute is not in place would normally cause merge
+To prevent these unnecessary merge conflicts, git can be told to run a
+virtual check-out and check-in of all three stages of a file when
+resolving a three-way merge by setting the `merge.renormalize`
+configuration variable. This prevents changes caused by check-in
+conversion from causing spurious merge conflicts when a converted file
+is merged with an unconverted file.
+As long as a "smudge->clean" results in the same output as a "clean"
+even on files that are already smudged, this strategy will
+automatically resolve all filter-related conflicts. Filters that do
+not act in this way may cause additional merge conflicts that must be
+resolved manually.
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