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Add 'ident' conversion.
The 'ident' attribute set to path squashes "$ident:<any bytes except dollor sign>$" to "$ident$" upon checkin, and expands it to "$ident: <blob SHA-1> $" upon checkout. As we have two conversions that affect checkin/checkout paths, clarify how they interact with each other. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -78,12 +78,17 @@ are attributes-aware.
Checking-out and checking-in
-The attribute `crlf` affects how the contents stored in the
+These attributes affect how the contents stored in the
repository are copied to the working tree files when commands
-such as `git checkout` and `git merge` run. It also affects how
+such as `git checkout` and `git merge` run. They also affect how
git stores the contents you prepare in the working tree in the
repository upon `git add` and `git commit`.
+This attribute controls the line-ending convention.
Setting the `crlf` attribute on a path is meant to mark
@@ -129,6 +134,28 @@ converted to LF upon checkin, but there is no conversion done
upon checkout.
+When the attribute `ident` is set to a path, git replaces
+`$ident$` in the blob object with `$ident:`, followed by
+40-character hexadecimal blob object name, followed by a dollar
+sign `$` upon checkout. Any byte sequence that begins with
+`$ident:` and ends with `$` in the worktree file is replaced
+with `$ident$` upon check-in.
+Interaction between checkin/checkout attributes
+In the check-in codepath, the worktree file is first converted
+with `ident` (if specified), and then with `crlf` (again, if
+specified and applicable).
+In the check-out codepath, the blob content is first converted
+with `crlf`, and then `ident`.
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