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Documentation: describe 'union' low-level merge driver
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+Built-in merge drivers
+There are a few built-in low-level merge drivers defined that
+can be asked for via the `merge` attribute.
+ Usual 3-way file level merge for text files. Conflicted
+ regions are marked with conflict markers `<<<<<<<`,
+ `=======` and `>>>>>>>`. The version from your branch
+ appears before the `=======` marker, and the version
+ from the merged branch appears after the `=======`
+ marker.
+ Keep the version from your branch in the work tree, but
+ leave the path in the conflicted state for the user to
+ sort out.
+ Run 3-way file level merge for text files, but take
+ lines from both versions, instead of leaving conflict
+ markers. This tends to leave the added lines in the
+ resulting file in random order and the user should
+ verify the result. Do not use this if you do not
+ understand the implications.
Defining a custom merge driver
-The definition of a merge driver is done in `gitconfig` not
-`gitattributes` file, so strictly speaking this manual page is a
-wrong place to talk about it. However...
+The definition of a merge driver is done in the `.git/config`
+file, not in the `gitattributes` file, so strictly speaking this
+manual page is a wrong place to talk about it. However...
To define a custom merge driver `filfre`, add a section to your
`$GIT_DIR/config` file (or `$HOME/.gitconfig` file) like this: