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Merge branch 'av/fsmonitor'
Various fixes to bp/fsmonitor topic. * av/fsmonitor: fsmonitor: simplify determining the git worktree under Windows fsmonitor: store fsmonitor bitmap before splitting index fsmonitor: read from getcwd(), not the PWD environment variable fsmonitor: delay updating state until after split index is merged fsmonitor: document GIT_TRACE_FSMONITOR fsmonitor: don't bother pretty-printing JSON from watchman fsmonitor: set the PWD to the top of the working tree
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Unsetting the variable, or setting it to empty, "0" or
"false" (case insensitive) disables trace messages.
+ Enables trace messages for the filesystem monitor extension.
+ See `GIT_TRACE` for available trace output options.
Enables trace messages for all accesses to any packs. For each
access, the pack file name and an offset in the pack is