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* kf/askpass-config: Extend documentation of core.askpass and GIT_ASKPASS. Allow core.askpass to override SSH_ASKPASS. Add a new option 'core.askpass'.
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@@ -639,6 +639,13 @@ Usually it is easier to configure any desired options through your
personal `.ssh/config` file. Please consult your ssh documentation
for further details.
+ If this environment variable is set, then git commands which need to
+ acquire passwords or passphrases (e.g. for HTTP or IMAP authentication)
+ will call this program with a suitable prompt as command line argument
+ and read the password from its STDOUT. See also the 'core.askpass'
+ option in linkgit:git-config[1].
If this environment variable is set to "1", then commands such
as 'git blame' (in incremental mode), 'git rev-list', 'git log',