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Merge branch 'ar/unconfuse-three-dots'
Ancient part of codebase still shows dots after an abbreviated object name just to show that it is not a full object name, but these ellipses are confusing to people who newly discovered Git who are used to seeing abbreviated object names and find them confusing with the range syntax. * ar/unconfuse-three-dots: t2020: test variations that matter t4013: test new output from diff --abbrev --raw diff: diff_aligned_abbrev: remove ellipsis after abbreviated SHA-1 value t4013: prepare for upcoming "diff --raw --abbrev" output format change checkout: describe_detached_head: remove ellipsis after committish print_sha1_ellipsis: introduce helper Documentation: user-manual: limit usage of ellipsis Documentation: revisions: fix typo: "three dot" ---> "three-dot" (in line with "two-dot").
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@@ -736,6 +736,15 @@ corresponding standard handle, and if `GIT_REDIRECT_STDERR` is
`2>&1`, standard error will be redirected to the same handle as
standard output.
+`GIT_PRINT_SHA1_ELLIPSIS` (deprecated)::
+ If set to `yes`, print an ellipsis following an
+ (abbreviated) SHA-1 value. This affects indications of
+ detached HEADs (linkgit:git-checkout[1]) and the raw
+ diff output (linkgit:git-diff[1]). Printing an
+ ellipsis in the cases mentioned is no longer considered
+ adequate and support for it is likely to be removed in the
+ foreseeable future (along with the variable).