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Merge branch 'ld/discovery-limit-to-fs' (early part)
* 'ld/discovery-limit-to-fs' (early part): Rename ONE_FILESYSTEM to DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM GIT_ONE_FILESYSTEM: flip the default to stop at filesystem boundaries Add support for GIT_ONE_FILESYSTEM truncate cwd string before printing error message config.c: remove static keyword from git_env_bool()
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@@ -545,6 +545,16 @@ git so take care if using Cogito etc.
a GIT_DIR set on the command line or in the environment.
(Useful for excluding slow-loading network directories.)
+ When run in a directory that does not have ".git" repository
+ directory, git tries to find such a directory in the parent
+ directories to find the top of the working tree, but by default it
+ does not cross filesystem boundaries. This environment variable
+ can be set to true to tell git not to stop at filesystem
+ boundaries. Like 'GIT_CEILING_DIRECTORIES', this will not affect
+ an explicit repository directory set via 'GIT_DIR' or on the
+ command line.
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