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Merge branch 'jn/maint-fix-pager' into maint
* jn/maint-fix-pager: tests: Fix race condition in t7006-pager t7006-pager: if stdout is not a terminal, make a new one tests: Add tests for automatic use of pager am: Fix launching of pager git svn: Fix launching of pager git.1: Clarify the behavior of the --paginate option Make 'git var GIT_PAGER' always print the configured pager Fix 'git var' usage synopsis
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@@ -230,7 +230,10 @@ help ...`.
- Pipe all output into 'less' (or if set, $PAGER).
+ Pipe all output into 'less' (or if set, $PAGER) if standard
+ output is a terminal. This overrides the `pager.<cmd>`
+ configuration options (see the "Configuration Mechanism" section
+ below).
Do not pipe git output into a pager.
@@ -402,7 +405,8 @@ people. Here is an example:
Various commands read from the configuration file and adjust
-their operation accordingly.
+their operation accordingly. See linkgit:git-config[1] for a
Identifier Terminology