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Document "git commit"
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@@ -34,6 +34,10 @@ the repository, the cache and the working fileset, those that
interrogate and compare them, and those that moves objects and
references between repositories.
+In addition, git itself comes with a spartan set of porcelain
+commands. They are usable but are not meant to compete with real
There are also some ancilliary programs that can be viewed as useful
aids for using the core commands but which are unlikely to be used by
SCMs layered over git.
@@ -128,14 +132,6 @@ link:git-clone-pack.html[git-clone-pack]::
Clones a repository into the current repository (engine
for ssh and local transport)
- Download from a remote repository via various protocols
- (user interface).
- Fetch from and merge with a remote repository via
- various protocols (user interface).
Downloads a remote GIT repository via HTTP
@@ -169,6 +165,18 @@ link:git-update-server-info.html[git-update-server-info]::
clients discover references and packs on it.
+Porcelainish Commands
+ Download from a remote repository via various protocols.
+ Fetch from and merge with a remote repository.
+ Record changes to the repository.
Ancilliary Commands