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Merge branch 'bw/protocol-v1'
A new mechanism to upgrade the wire protocol in place is proposed and demonstrated that it works with the older versions of Git without harming them. * bw/protocol-v1: Documentation: document Extra Parameters ssh: introduce a 'simple' ssh variant i5700: add interop test for protocol transition http: tell server that the client understands v1 connect: tell server that the client understands v1 connect: teach client to recognize v1 server response upload-pack, receive-pack: introduce protocol version 1 daemon: recognize hidden request arguments protocol: introduce protocol extension mechanisms pkt-line: add packet_write function connect: in ref advertisement, shallows are last
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If either of these environment variables is set then 'git fetch'
and 'git push' will use the specified command instead of 'ssh'
when they need to connect to a remote system.
- The command will be given exactly two or four arguments: the
- 'username@host' (or just 'host') from the URL and the shell
- command to execute on that remote system, optionally preceded by
- `-p` (literally) and the 'port' from the URL when it specifies
- something other than the default SSH port.
+ The command-line parameters passed to the configured command are
+ determined by the ssh variant. See `ssh.variant` option in
+ linkgit:git-config[1] for details.
`$GIT_SSH_COMMAND` takes precedence over `$GIT_SSH`, and is interpreted
by the shell, which allows additional arguments to be included.
@@ -705,6 +704,12 @@ of clones and fetches.
which feed potentially-untrusted URLS to git commands. See
linkgit:git-config[1] for more details.
+ For internal use only. Used in handshaking the wire protocol.
+ Contains a colon ':' separated list of keys with optional values
+ 'key[=value]'. Presence of unknown keys and values must be
+ ignored.
If set to `0`, Git will complete any requested operation without
performing any optional sub-operations that require taking a lock.