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Merge branch 'nd/command-list'
The list of commands with their various attributes were spread across a few places in the build procedure, but it now is getting a bit more consolidated to allow more automation. * nd/command-list: completion: allow to customize the completable command list completion: add and use --list-cmds=alias completion: add and use --list-cmds=nohelpers Move declaration for alias.c to alias.h completion: reduce completable command list completion: let git provide the completable command list command-list.txt: documentation and guide line help: use command-list.txt for the source of guides help: add "-a --verbose" to list all commands with synopsis git: support --list-cmds=list-<category> completion: implement and use --list-cmds=main,others git --list-cmds: collect command list in a string_list git.c: convert --list-* to --list-cmds=* Remove common-cmds.h help: use command-list.h for common command list export all commands to command-list.h factor out synopsis extract code
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Do not perform optional operations that require locks. This is
equivalent to setting the `GIT_OPTIONAL_LOCKS` to `0`.
+ List commands by group. This is an internal/experimental
+ option and may change or be removed in the future. Supported
+ groups are: builtins, parseopt (builtin commands that use
+ parse-options), main (all commands in libexec directory),
+ others (all other commands in `$PATH` that have git- prefix),
+ list-<category> (see categories in command-list.txt),
+ nohelpers (exclude helper commands), alias and config
+ (retrieve command list from config variable completion.commands)