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@@ -268,23 +268,20 @@ USING --INDEX-INFO
multiple entry definitions from the standard input, and designed
specifically for scripts. It can take inputs of three formats:
- . mode SP sha1 TAB path
-The first format is what "git-apply --index-info"
-reports, and used to reconstruct a partial tree
-that is used for phony merge base tree when falling
-back on 3-way merge.
. mode SP type SP sha1 TAB path
-The second format is to stuff 'git ls-tree' output
-into the index file.
+This format is to stuff `git ls-tree` output into the index.
. mode SP sha1 SP stage TAB path
This format is to put higher order stages into the
index file and matches 'git ls-files --stage' output.
+ . mode SP sha1 TAB path
+This format is no longer produced by any Git command, but is
+and will continue to be supported by `update-index --index-info`.
To place a higher stage entry to the index, the path should
first be removed by feeding a mode=0 entry for the path, and
then feeding necessary input lines in the third format.