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Documentation/git-tag.txt: Document how to backdate tags
Added a new section beneath "On Automatic following" called "On Backdating Tags". This includes an explanation of when to use this method, a brief explanation of the kind of date that can be used in GIT_AUTHOR_DATE, and an example invocation of git-tag using a custom setting of GIT_AUTHOR_DATE. [sp: Corrected s/you/your/, noticed by Jeff King] Signed-off-by: Michael W. Olson <> Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
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follow such tags is a good thing.
+On Backdating Tags
+If you have imported some changes from another VCS and would like
+to add tags for major releases of your work, it is useful to be able
+to specify the date to embed inside of the tag object. The data in
+the tag object affects, for example, the ordering of tags in the
+gitweb interface.
+To set the date used in future tag objects, set the environment
+variable GIT_AUTHOR_DATE to one or more of the date and time. The
+date and time can be specified in a number of ways; the most common
+An example follows.
+$ GIT_AUTHOR_DATE="2006-10-02 10:31" git tag -s v1.0.1
Written by Linus Torvalds <>,