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Update git-svn manpage to remove the implication that SVN::* is optional.
Now that git-svn requires the SVN::* Perl library, the manpage doesn't need to describe what happens when you don't have it. Signed-off-by: Steven Grimm <> Acked-by: Eric Wong <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -249,8 +249,7 @@ repo-config key: svn.authorsfile
- Make git-svn less verbose. This only affects git-svn if you
- have the SVN::* libraries installed and are using them.
+ Make git-svn less verbose.
@@ -321,8 +320,6 @@ for more information on using GIT_SVN_ID.
started tracking a branch and never tracked the trunk it was
descended from.
- This relies on the SVN::* libraries to work.
repo-config key: svn.followparent
@@ -350,25 +347,6 @@ Run this if you used an old version of git-svn that used
"git-svn-HEAD" instead of "remotes/git-svn" as the branch
for tracking the remote.
-Only used with the 'fetch' and 'rebuild' command.
-This command has no effect when you are using the SVN::*
-libraries with git, svn:externals are always avoided.
-By default, git-svn passes --ignore-externals to svn to avoid
-fetching svn:external trees into git. Pass this flag to enable
-externals tracking directly via git.
-Versions of svn that do not support --ignore-externals are
-automatically detected and this flag will be automatically
-enabled for them.
-Otherwise, do not enable this flag unless you know what you're
-repo-config key: svn.noignoreexternals
Only used with the 'fetch' command.
@@ -486,49 +464,18 @@ This allows you to tie unfetched SVN revision 375 to your current HEAD:
git-svn fetch 375=$(git-rev-parse HEAD)
-Advanced Example: Tracking a Reorganized Repository
-Note: this example is now obsolete if you have SVN::* libraries
-installed. Simply use --follow-parent when fetching.
If you're tracking a directory that has moved, or otherwise been
branched or tagged off of another directory in the repository and you
-care about the full history of the project, then you can read this
-This is how Yann Dirson tracked the trunk of the ufoai directory when
-the /trunk directory of his repository was moved to /ufoai/trunk and
-he needed to continue tracking /ufoai/trunk where /trunk left off.
+care about the full history of the project, then you can use
+the --follow-parent option.
- # This log message shows when the repository was reorganized:
- r166 | ydirson | 2006-03-02 01:36:55 +0100 (Thu, 02 Mar 2006) | 1 line
- Changed paths:
- D /trunk
- A /ufoai/trunk (from /trunk:165)
- # First we start tracking the old revisions:
- GIT_SVN_ID=git-oldsvn git-svn init \
- GIT_SVN_ID=git-oldsvn git-svn fetch -r1:165
- # And now, we continue tracking the new revisions:
- GIT_SVN_ID=git-newsvn git-svn init \
- GIT_SVN_ID=git-newsvn git-svn fetch \
- 166=`git-rev-parse refs/remotes/git-oldsvn`
+ git-svn fetch --follow-parent
-If you are not using the SVN::* Perl libraries and somebody commits a
-conflicting changeset to SVN at a bad moment (right before you commit)
-causing a conflict and your commit to fail, your svn working tree
-($GIT_DIR/git-svn/tree) may be dirtied. The easiest thing to do is
-probably just to rm -rf $GIT_DIR/git-svn/tree and run 'rebuild'. You
-can avoid this problem entirely by using 'dcommit'.
We ignore all SVN properties except svn:executable. Too difficult to
map them since we rely heavily on git write-tree being _exactly_ the
same on both the SVN and git working trees and I prefer not to clutter