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Fix markup in git-svn man page
Some of the existing markup was just plain broken, and some subcommand options weren't indented properly. Signed-off-by: Karl Hasselström <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -38,32 +38,30 @@ COMMANDS
argument. Normally this command initializes the current
These are optional command-line options for init. Each of
these flags can point to a relative repository path
(--tags=project/tags') or a full url
Set the 'noMetadata' option in the [svn-remote] config.
Set the 'useSvmProps' option in the [svn-remote] config.
Set the 'useSvnsyncProps' option in the [svn-remote] config.
Set the 'rewriteRoot' option in the [svn-remote] config.
For transports that SVN handles authentication for (http,
https, and plain svn), specify the username. For other
transports (eg svn+ssh://), you must include the username in
the URL, eg svn+ssh://
This allows one to specify a prefix which is prepended
to the names of remotes if trunk/branches/tags are
specified. The prefix does not automatically include a
@@ -73,7 +71,6 @@ COMMANDS
Fetch unfetched revisions from the Subversion remote we are
tracking. The name of the [svn-remote "..."] section in the
.git/config file may be specified as an optional command-line
@@ -104,14 +101,11 @@ accepts. However '--fetch-all' only fetches from the current
Like 'git-rebase'; this requires that the working tree be clean
and have no uncommitted changes.
Do not fetch remotely; only run 'git-rebase' against the
last fetched commit from the upstream SVN.
Commit each diff from a specified head directly to the SVN