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git-svn: add ability to specify --commit-url for dcommit
This allows one to use public svn:// URLs for fetch and svn+ssh:// URLs for committing (without using the complicated rewriteRoot option, reimporting or git-filter-branch). Using this can also help avoid unnecessary server authentication/encryption overhead on busy SVN servers. Along with the new --revision option, this can also be allowed to override the branch detection in dcommit, too. This is potentially dangerous and not recommended! (And also purposely undocumented, but the loaded gun is there in case somebody wants to make it safe). Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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After committing, do not rebase or reset.
+--commit-url <URL>;;
+ Commit to this SVN URL (the full path). This is intended to
+ allow existing git-svn repositories created with one transport
+ method (e.g. `svn://` or `http://` for anonymous read) to be
+ reused if a user is later given access to an alternate transport
+ method (e.g. `svn+ssh://` or `https://`) for commit.
+ Using this option for any other purpose (don't ask)
+ is very strongly discouraged.