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git-svn: add the 'dcommit' command
This is a high-level wrapper around the 'commit-diff' command and used to produce cleaner history against the mirrored repository through rebase/reset usage. It's basically a more polished version of this: for i in `git rev-list --no-merges remotes/git-svn..HEAD | tac`; do git-svn commit-diff $i~1 $i done git reset --hard remotes/git-svn Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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See '<<fetch-args,Additional Fetch Arguments>>' if you are interested in
manually joining branches on commit.
+ Commit all diffs from the current HEAD directly to the SVN
+ repository, and then rebase or reset (depending on whether or
+ not there is a diff between SVN and HEAD). It is recommended
+ that you run git-svn fetch and rebase (not pull) your commits
+ against the latest changes in the SVN repository.
+ This is advantageous over 'commit' (below) because it produces
+ cleaner, more linear history.
Commit specified commit or tree objects to SVN. This relies on
your imported fetch data being up-to-date. This makes
@@ -157,6 +166,24 @@ after the authors-file is modified should continue operation.
repo-config key: svn.authors-file
+These are only used with the 'dcommit' command.
+Passed directly to git-rebase when using 'dcommit' if a
+'git-reset' cannot be used (see dcommit).
+This is only used with the 'dcommit' command.
+Print out the series of git arguments that would show
+which diffs would be committed to SVN.