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git svn: Doc update for multiple branch and tag paths
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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ git-svn(1)
-git-svn - Bidirectional operation between a single Subversion branch and git
+git-svn - Bidirectional operation between a Subversion repository and git
@@ -15,13 +15,12 @@ DESCRIPTION
It provides a bidirectional flow of changes between a Subversion and a git
-'git-svn' can track a single Subversion branch simply by using a
-URL to the branch, follow branches laid out in the Subversion recommended
-method (trunk, branches, tags directories) with the --stdlayout option, or
-follow branches in any layout with the -T/-t/-b options (see options to
-'init' below, and also the 'clone' command).
+'git-svn' can track a standard Subversion repository,
+following the common "trunk/branches/tags" layout, with the --stdlayout option.
+It can also follow branches and tags in any layout with the -T/-t/-b options
+(see options to 'init' below, and also the 'clone' command).
-Once tracking a Subversion branch (with any of the above methods), the git
+Once tracking a Subversion repository (with any of the above methods), the git
repository can be updated from Subversion by the 'fetch' command and
Subversion updated from git by the 'dcommit' command.
@@ -48,8 +47,11 @@ COMMANDS
These are optional command-line options for init. Each of
these flags can point to a relative repository path
- (--tags=project/tags') or a full url
- (--tags= The option --stdlayout is
+ (--tags=project/tags) or a full url
+ (--tags=
+ You can specify more than one --tags and/or --branches options, in case
+ your Subversion repository places tags or branches under multiple paths.
+ The option --stdlayout is
a shorthand way of setting trunk,tags,branches as the relative paths,
which is the Subversion default. If any of the other options are given
as well, they take precedence.
@@ -205,6 +207,20 @@ config key: svn.commiturl (overwrites all svn-remote.<name>.commiturl options)
Create a tag by using the tags_subdir instead of the branches_subdir
specified during git svn init.
+ If more than one --branches (or --tags) option was given to the 'init'
+ or 'clone' command, you must provide the location of the branch (or
+ tag) you wish to create in the SVN repository. The value of this
+ option must match one of the paths specified by a --branches (or
+ --tags) option. You can see these paths with the commands
+ git config --get-all svn-remote.<name>.branches
+ git config --get-all svn-remote.<name>.tags
+where <name> is the name of the SVN repository as specified by the -R option to
+'init' (or "svn" by default).
Create a tag in the SVN repository. This is a shorthand for
'branch -t'.
@@ -727,6 +743,16 @@ already dcommitted. It is considered bad practice to --amend commits
you've already pushed to a remote repository for other users, and
dcommit with SVN is analogous to that.
+When using multiple --branches or --tags, 'git-svn' does not automatically
+handle name collisions (for example, if two branches from different paths have
+the same name, or if a branch and a tag have the same name). In these cases,
+use 'init' to set up your git repository then, before your first 'fetch', edit
+the .git/config file so that the branches and tags are associated with
+different name spaces. For example:
+ branches = stable/*:refs/remotes/svn/stable/*
+ branches = debug/*:refs/remotes/svn/debug/*