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git svn: revert default behavior for --minimize-url
This reverts the --minimize-url behavior change that appeared recently in commit 0b2af457a49e3b00d47d556d5301934d27909db8 ("Fix branch detection when repository root is inaccessible"). However, we now allow the option to be turned off by allowing "--no-minimize-url" so people with limited-access setups can still take advantage of the fix in 0b2af457a49e3b00d47d556d5301934d27909db8. Also document the behavior and default settings of minimize-url in the manpage for the first time. This introduces a temporary UI regression to allow t9141 to pass that will be reverted (fixed) in the next commit. Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <>
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@@ -80,6 +80,17 @@ COMMANDS
When passed to 'init' or 'clone' this regular expression will
be preserved as a config key. See 'fetch' for a description
of '--ignore-paths'.
+ When tracking multiple directories (using --stdlayout,
+ --branches, or --tags options), git svn will attempt to connect
+ to the root (or highest allowed level) of the Subversion
+ repository. This default allows better tracking of history if
+ entire projects are moved within a repository, but may cause
+ issues on repositories where read access restrictions are in
+ place. Passing '--no-minimize-url' will allow git svn to
+ accept URLs as-is without attempting to connect to a higher
+ level directory. This option is off by default when only
+ one URL/branch is tracked (it would do little good).
Fetch unfetched revisions from the Subversion remote we are