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git-svn: let 'dcommit $rev' work on $rev instead of HEAD
'git svn dcommit' takes an optional revision argument, but the meaning of it was rather scary. It completely ignored the current state of the HEAD, only looking at the revisions between SVN and $rev. If HEAD was attached to $branch, the branch lost all commits $rev..$branch in the process. Considering that 'git svn dcommit HEAD^' has the intuitive meaning "dcommit all changes on my branch except the last one", we change the meaning of the revision argument. git-svn temporarily checks out $rev for its work, meaning that * if a branch is specified, that branch (_not_ the HEAD) is rebased as part of the dcommit, * if some other revision is specified, as in the example, all work happens on a detached HEAD and no branch is affected. Signed-off-by: Thomas Rast <> Acked-by: Eric Wong <>
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@@ -170,8 +170,9 @@ and have no uncommitted changes.
It is recommended that you run 'git-svn' fetch and rebase (not
pull or merge) your commits against the latest changes in the
SVN repository.
- An optional command-line argument may be specified as an
- alternative to HEAD.
+ An optional revision or branch argument may be specified, and
+ causes 'git-svn' to do all work on that revision/branch
+ instead of HEAD.
This is advantageous over 'set-tree' (below) because it produces
cleaner, more linear history.