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git-svn: allow disabling expensive broken symlink checks
Since dbc6c74d0858d77e61e092a48d467e725211f8e9, git-svn has had an expensive check for broken symlinks that exist in some repositories. This leads to a heavy performance hit on repositories with many empty blobs that are not supposed to be symlinks. The workaround is enabled by default; and may be disabled via: git config svn.brokenSymlinkWorkaround false Reported by Markus Heidelberg. Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <>
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@@ -499,6 +499,14 @@ svn-remote.<name>.rewriteRoot::
the repository with a public http:// or svn:// URL in the
metadata so users of it will see the public URL.
+This disables potentially expensive checks to workaround broken symlinks
+checked into SVN by broken clients. Set this option to "false" if you
+track a SVN repository with many empty blobs that are not symlinks.
+This option may be changed while "git-svn" is running and take effect on
+the next revision fetched. If unset, git-svn assumes this option to be
Since the noMetadata, rewriteRoot, useSvnsyncProps and useSvmProps