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git-svn: allow UUID to be manually remapped via rewriteUUID
In certain situations it may be necessary to manually remap an svn repostitory UUID. For example: o--- [git-svn clone] / [origin svn repo] \ o--- [svnsync clone] Imagine that only "git-svn clone" and "svnsync clone" are made available to external users. Furthur, "git-svn clone" contains only trunk, and for reasons unknown, "svnsync clone" is missing the revision properties that normally provide the origin svn repo's UUID. A git user who has cloned the "git-svn clone" repo now wishes to use git-svn to pull in the missing branches from the "synsync clone" repo. In order for git-svn to get the history correct for those branches, it needs to know the origin svn repo's UUID. Hence rewriteUUID. Signed-off-by: Jay Soffian <> Acked-by: Eric Wong <>
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@@ -62,6 +62,8 @@ COMMANDS
Set the 'useSvnsyncProps' option in the [svn-remote] config.
Set the 'rewriteRoot' option in the [svn-remote] config.
+ Set the 'rewriteUUID' option in the [svn-remote] config.
For transports that SVN handles authentication for (http,
https, and plain svn), specify the username. For other
@@ -629,6 +631,12 @@ svn-remote.<name>.rewriteRoot::
the repository with a public http:// or svn:// URL in the
metadata so users of it will see the public URL.
+ Similar to the useSvmProps option; this is for users who need
+ to remap the UUID manually. This may be useful in situations
+ where the original UUID is not available via either useSvmProps
+ or useSvnsyncProps.
This disables potentially expensive checks to workaround
broken symlinks checked into SVN by broken clients. Set this
@@ -638,13 +646,14 @@ svn.brokenSymlinkWorkaround::
revision fetched. If unset, 'git svn' assumes this option to
be "true".
-Since the noMetadata, rewriteRoot, useSvnsyncProps and useSvmProps
+Since the noMetadata, rewriteRoot, rewriteUUID, useSvnsyncProps and useSvmProps
options all affect the metadata generated and used by 'git svn'; they
*must* be set in the configuration file before any history is imported
and these settings should never be changed once they are set.
-Additionally, only one of these four options can be used per-svn-remote
-section because they affect the 'git-svn-id:' metadata line.
+Additionally, only one of these options can be used per svn-remote
+section because they affect the 'git-svn-id:' metadata line, except
+for rewriteRoot and rewriteUUID which can be used together.